The Human Energy Field with Oscar De Sousa

Spirit Coach Oscar De Sousa introduces the new course ‘The Human Energy Field’ to those who have completed the Emazon SYG series or STAND Convention and want to expand on the spiritual intelligence of the greater mind.

We all have an ‘energy body’ that is considered the focal point for the reception and the transmissions of the energy (vibration) that interacts with the physical body. There are several aspects of the ‘energy body’, otherwise known as the ‘Chakra System’, that relate to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual intellect, as well as our wellbeing. This workshop teaches you the psychology of the chakras and how to balance the system for optimum health.

Pre-requisites required to attend this course:
• Completion of the Stand Your Ground 1 and Mind Mechanics courses, OR,
• You are one of Oscar’s private clients.

All individual ticket purchases are non-refundable.

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Date(s) - 07/10/2013
9:00 am - 11:00 am

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